Know the amazing health benefits of Bittergourd

Jul 25 2020 10:24 AM
Know the amazing health benefits of Bittergourd

Most of us hate bitter gourd because of its bitter taste. Few people like it when it gets cooked well with turmeric and salt. Now it may be bitter in the test, but there are many benefits of it. Therefore, many people drink bitter gourd juice too. It helps in avoiding and curing many diseases. So let us know why Karela is called 'mine of virtues'.

Bitter gourd is full of antiviral and antibiotic properties. Vitamin-C and Vitamin-A are also available in it. Vitamin-C is helpful in increasing immunity of our body immunity, whereas vitamin A keeps the eyesight well. Due to these qualities, bitter gourd is called 'mine of virtues'.

Every part of the body can be kept fit by using bitter gourd. It is also beneficial for heart. It is also helpful in removing symptoms like headache. Its use in the right quantity can relieve all these problems. Let us tell you that bitter gourd also gives relief from mouth blisters. The problem of blisters in the mouth is often due to stomach heat or constipation. In this case, the use of bitter gourd everyday can relieve this problem.

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