Woman became pregnant just by sudden rush of wind, gave birth to girl

Feb 20 2021 10:56 AM
Woman became pregnant just by sudden rush of wind, gave birth to girl

In today's time, many such stories are revealed which are shocking. Now even today, we are going to tell you about an anecdote about which your senses will fly away. This story is from Indonesia. Here an Indonesian woman has made such a strange claim that after knowing you will be surprised. In this case, the woman has claimed that 'she has become pregnant by air.' In this case, the woman has spoken to a local news channel. In this conversation, she said, 'She has not made physical relations with any man, suddenly she became pregnant with the gust of wind.'

It is being said that the woman has stated in her claim that it was noon on the day she became pregnant. During that time she was resting in her living room after prayer. Just then, she suddenly felt 'The air is entering his body.' Further explaining about this incident, the woman said, "When this incident happened, after 15 minutes of that, my stomach started to ache and my stomach started to grow big on seeing it. In the end, the woman went to the nearest hospital and got the test done and doctors admitted her there. The woman then gave birth to a healthy baby girl.'' Now this story of woman has come into the discussions. In this case, when the head of the local community clinic reached the woman to inquire about the matter, she came to know that the woman had been married.

They come to know that she is now living separately from her husband and she already has a baby girl. Regarding the matter, the head of the community clinic, Suleiman, said, 'During the investigation, it has been found that the mother and the child are healthy. Normal delivery has taken place. She also stated that the baby weighs 2.9 kg.' He also says, it seems to be a case of a 'secret pregnancy' in which the woman does not even feel the pregnancy before delivery. Now the local police have started an investigation into this whole matter.

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