BJP loses third consecutive election in 3 years, Shinde also ineffective

Mumbai: In the politics of Maharashtra, the BJP may have ousted Uddhav Thackeray from power along with Eknath Shind, but it is not able to gather its political influence in front of the Mahavikas Aghadi. The BJP-Shinde faction has suffered a major setback in the Legislative Council elections while Mahavikas has got a big victory. The BJP has been wiped out in Nagpur, the stronghold of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari and Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis. The headquarter of RSS is in Nagpur, due to which the concern for BJP has increased. 

In the Nagpur teacher quota MLC seat, Sudhakar Adbole of Mahavikas Aghadi has defeated Nago Ganar of BJP by more than 7000 votes. Adabale got 16,700 votes while Ganar got 8,211 votes. NCP candidate Vikram Kale has won from Aurangabad Teachers MLC seat. Vikram Kale got 20,195 votes. At the same time, the biggest upset happened on the Amravati graduate seat. Congress candidate Dhiraj Lingade has won from here. Dheeraj defeated BJP candidate Ranjit Patil.

Congress's rebel candidate Satyajit Tambe has won the graduate MLC seat in the Nashik segment. The Congress had fielded Tambe's father Sudhir Tambe as its official candidate, who has been winning the MLC election for three terms. In such a situation, instead of nominating himself, he filed his son Satyajit Tambe as an independent candidate. In such a situation, Congress suspended both the leaders from the party and Mahavikas Aghadi supported Shubhangi Patil. Satyajit Tambe's rebellion cost Congress dearly. 

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