BJP President Critiques Congress's Historical Record on Caste and Reservations
BJP President Critiques Congress's Historical Record on Caste and Reservations

New Delhi: In the lead-up to the Chhattisgarh assembly elections next month, political campaigning is in full swing, with both Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi actively participating. During their campaign, they have critiqued the central government on the OBC caste census and farmer-related issues. In response, BJP President JP Nadda has launched a counterattack.

During a conversation with media, JP Nadda asserted that Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party tend to focus on seasonal issues. They align themselves with topics that are currently trending and aim to capitalize on issues that are on people's minds, primarily as an electoral strategy.

Nadda further commented on Rahul Gandhi's historical record, highlighting that his great-grandfather initially suppressed Kaka Kalelkar's report and subsequently rejected it. He pointed out that both Rahul's grandmother and father kept the Mandal Commission report in abeyance. In Parliament, Rajiv Gandhi advocated for a casteless society, suggesting that reservation should be based on religion. Nadda urged Rahul to read what his father had stated, implying a disconnect between his father's views and his own.

Nadda emphasized that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who comes from an OBC background, has strengthened all sections of society, including OBCs, by becoming the Prime Minister. He argued that the traditional vote banks the Congress relied on have eroded, leading to their current emphasis on OBC issues. He suggested that their sudden focus on OBC concerns is more of a political tactic rather than a genuine commitment to the OBC community.

Regarding the Congress party's stance on farmers, Nadda questioned when Rahul Gandhi and the Congress became champions of the farming community. He highlighted that in Rajasthan, land was confiscated from 19,000 individuals, but the Congress did not vocally object to this action. Nadda also criticized the Congress for making lofty promises regarding loan waivers but not fully delivering on them.

Nadda took a swipe at Rahul Gandhi, insinuating that he lacks basic knowledge about agriculture by remarking that those who don't know which fruit grows on a tree or which vegetable grows underground are now advocating for farmers.

In response to the BJP's promise of an OBC Chief Minister in Telangana, Nadda clarified that the party doesn't make such statements for the sake of garnering votes. He suggested that while the Congress claims to be pro-OBC, their actions don't align with their rhetoric. In contrast, the BJP follows through on its commitments rather than merely making empty promises.

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