Sambit Patra slammed Rahul Gandhi said, 'Falls asleep with oil in his..'

New Delhi: BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra continues to target the Congress everyday. Now, recently, he has taken a dig at leader Rahul Gandhi. Talking to a famous website, he said, "When Hindus are attacked, Rahul Gandhi puts oil in his ear and falls asleep. According to him, India is 'Lynchistan'. At the same time, hitting out at Rahul Gandhi over the Ghaziabad incident, the BJP spokesperson said, "There is a conspiracy all over the world to defame India as 'Linchistan'. The Congress party is also involved in the conspiracy. An attempt was made to defame Hindus through this video.''

Let us also tell you that former Congress President Rahul Gandhi had said on Tuesday on the issue of beating up an elderly Muslim man in Ghaziabad that "Such cruelty is shameful for both society and religion. Not only that, Rahul Gandhi had also tweeted citing a news item related to the incident". In this tweet, he wrote, "I am not ready to believe that true devotees of Shriram can do so. Such cruelty is far from humanity and shameful for both society and religion". Since his tweet, the BJP has been retaliated.

Recently, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had accused Rahul Gandhi of spreading poison in the society and asked congress leaders to stop insulting the people of Uttar Pradesh. In fact, Yogi Adityanath retweeted his tweet and said, "Lord Ram's first lesson is "Speaking the Truth" which you have never done in life. Shame on you that even after the police tell the truth, you are spreading poison in the society. They are embarrassing humanity for the lure of power. Stop insulting the people of Uttar Pradesh and defaming them".

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