BJP stands in support of Salman Khan

Salman Khan's statement to support Pakistani artists put him in trouble. He is opposed by everyone from everywhere. Now, BJP national's spokesperson give statement in support of Salman.

Shaina, spokesperson of BJP states,“Salman was asked a question.He answered it.”On threats of Raj Thackeray to ban movies of Salman, Shaina said,“This is a totally uncalled-for reaction. One shouldn’t piggyride on Salman’s stardom just to get noticed.”

Shaina on Salim Khan's support to Salman said, “Salim Saab is someone whose views I respect immensely. And I see nothing wrong in him giving his opinion as he is highly regarded both within and outside the film industry. And really, all argument as to what Salman meant by his remark ends with the question…are we going to provide visas to Pakistanis in near future?Clearly not! We gave visas when there was room for dialogue between the two countries. Now there is absolutely no room for interaction. Now currently with Pakistan in a denial mode and with Nawaz Sharif in no mood for accepting the terror attacks from Pakistan, we see no room for any communication, at least not at the moment, on any level, economic, political or cultural.”

Shaina sum up by saying, “Pakistan needs to pay heed to the pressure from the world community and what it’s doing to its own country. There is no normalcy in Pakistan.And they need to accept that.”

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