BJP supporter 'Muslim' youth was driven away from the mosque by calling him 'Kafir', attacked the house with sticks and sticks

Lucknow: In Gonda district of Uttar Pradesh, Muslim fundamentalists stopped a Muslim youth from offering Namaz in a mosque for supporting the BJP. At the same time, when the youth protested, he was thrown out of the mosque, not only this, the fundamentalists also attacked his house with sticks. According to media reports, the whole matter is of Bankatwa village of Nagar Kotwali area. Mohammad Lukman here is said to be the former General Secretary of BJP Minority Morcha. He told that this time he had supported the BJP in the UP assembly elections as well.

This angered some people in their own community. When Luqman reached the mosque on Tuesday (April 19, 2022) to offer prayers, he was stopped from offering prayers and not allowed to enter the mosque. When Luqman opposed this, he was expelled from the mosque by calling him 'Kafir'. At the same time, according to media reports, on Wednesday (April 20, 2022), Luqman's younger brother Sarfaraz had gone to the mosque to offer Namaz. It has been told in the report that when he started returning, Jaliese's son Munawwar stopped Sarfaraz and said that the BJP you are in is getting people to take down loudspeakers all over the country. Why do you go to pray? You have no respect. You guys are infidels. There was a dispute between the two on this.

It is also being told in the case that in the meantime, Munavvar called his father Jalise, Shamsudduha and others. All these people together started beating Lukman's brother Sarfaraz. When Lukman reached to save his brother, they also beat him up. On the complaint of the victim Lukman, the UP Police has registered a case against 4 people. In this case, the matter of arrest of two people named Jalise and Munavvar has also come to the fore. Let us inform that on getting the information, Superintendent of Police Santosh Mishra also reached the spot and tried to establish peace in the village after taking information about the incident from the family of the victim Lukman. The Superintendent of Police held a meeting with the people of the village and urged them to maintain communal harmony. At the same time, the Superintendent of Police has warned that if such an incident happens again, then strict action will be taken against the concerned.

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