Sambit Patra asked Congress: Is Saumya Verma a Congress worker?

A day after accusing the Congress of preparing a 'toolkit' for political gains in the Corona crisis and tarnishing the image of the country and PM Narendra Modi through it, the BJP on Wednesday claimed that the alleged toolkit was designed by Congress worker Soumya Verma who is associated with the office of Rajiv Gowda, head of the opposition's research department.

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra shared details of Soumya Verma's social media account in favour of her claim at a press conference and some photos of her with former Congress presidents Rahul Gandhi and Gowda. He also released a document related to the source of the toolkit and tweeted, 'Congress yesterday asked who prepared the toolkit. Please look at the contents of this paper. It is written by Soumya Verma. The witnesses themselves tell who this Soumya Verma is. Will Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi respond?'

With many claims, Patra said, 'The witnesses we are putting before you prove everything. Soumya Verma ji and I have to say with great sorrow that not only the research department of the AICC (All India Congress Committee) is an important part of the research department but also plays a major role'. He said, "The name of the maker of this toolkit came to light today and it has also been established before the country by witnesses. Is Soumya Verma ji a Congress worker? Does Soumya Verma ji work in the research department of AICC? Does Soumya Verma ji work under Rajiv Gowda? Have they not prepared this toolkit? Let the Congress party answer it".

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