Blackberry/Jamun is not only healthy but beneficial for skin too
Blackberry/Jamun is not only healthy but beneficial for skin too

Blackberry is the major fruit of the summer season. This fruit is rich in all nutrients is considered beneficial for the stomach and digestive system. There are ample amounts of Iron, Calcium, Vitamin C and Vitamin B. Berries can also be eaten to remove the deficiency of haemoglobin in the body. Apart from all this, Blackberry is a very beneficial fruit for skin and hair health. To make the skin beautiful you can also consume it and also use its face pack. The fruits of the berries are beneficial for meeting the needs of beauty.

For Vitamins - Vitamin A and Vitamin C are present in enough amounts in Blackberry. Both of these elements are very beneficial for skin health. These shades the skin and the skin becomes healthy and beautiful.

For skin hydration - Jamun has 85 per cent water, so it is beneficial to keep the skin hydrated. By eating jamun, the skin is not dry and lifeless and looks healthy and beautiful.

For Glowing Skin - Antioxidants present in Jamun, works to clean and clean all skin scars. For its use, dry the Blackberry seeds and make powder and keep it with 20 grams of skin like gram flour and milk. The effect of this skin on skin appears in a few days of using this face pack.

For hair health - Jamun contains vitamin C which is helpful in generating collagen. This antioxidant protects hair from pollution and the ill effects of the sun's rays and keeps the hair beautiful.

For oily skin - in Jamun, such properties are found which are beneficial for making oily skin beautiful. For this mix the juice of Jamun with amla juice and rose water and make a face pack. Using this face pack, the production of excess oil from the skin stops and the skin glows.

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