Poor oral health may lead to many diseases, know symptoms

Sep 15 2019 01:17 PM
Poor oral health may lead to many diseases, know symptoms

It is important for a healthy body to focus on our own health. Some people pay attention to the fitness of their body but are unable to pay attention to oral health. You will not even know about it and if you do not know. Due to poor oral health, you have to face many diseases. Let's know what is oral health and how to keep it in mind. One of these problems is bleeding from teeth and gums.

Oral health is important
Only the health of the entire mouth will be considered oral health. It also contains your teeth, gums, tongue, throat and the middle part of the teeth. It is important to pay attention to the cleanliness of this entire part for overall oral health. If you eat something that is harmful to your teeth, then you are spoiling your oral health.

Symptoms of poor oral health
Bad smell

The mouth can smell when you do not brush properly. Smelling of the mouth is the earliest symptom of poor oral health. It comes due to food particles remaining in the mouth and rotting. So it is important to brush the night after eating.

Teeth worm
This problem often occurs in young children. Those who either do not brush or do not know the correct brushing process. Because of this, food stuck between the teeth starts to rot. Small bacteria that grow in it begin to hollow out the teeth. To avoid this, children should be taught to brush from a young age.

Bleeding from teeth
It can be a symptom of pyorrhea. Sometimes due to injury in the mouth, blood can come from teeth or gums. This needs immediate attention. Pyorrhea is such a dangerous disease that if it is not taken care of, it takes a serious form.

Teeth change
Usually, the teeth are white in color. If your teeth are becoming yellow, black, blue, or gray, then this is also a sign of poor oral health. The color of teeth or one of the teeth changes even in teeth of teeth, injury or pyorrhea. After this, the teeth begin to weaken.

Tongue color
Every food we eat comes in contact with the teeth as well as the tongue. Therefore, attention should also be paid to cleaning the tongue. If your tongue is yellow or black, then it means that the food layer is frozen on it. Clean it regularly with a tongue cleaner.

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