Do you know what happens after drinking tea?

Sep 13 2019 05:55 PM
Do you know what happens after drinking tea?

Everyone has a tea pond as soon as they wake up in the morning. Whatever the weather may be, after drinking tea, the body cools down a bit. That is, if there is a change in the weather, then the tea is the first pit. Do you know that tea affects different people differently? Know about it.

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Some effect
Do you know that some people feel thirsty immediately after drinking tea and some people after a while, though tea is a very hydrating drink because it contains sugar, acid, etc? But still there is some such reaction with the body that it feels thirsty, so after drinking tea, you feel thirsty. If you drink water before drinking tea, the water reduces the acid level in the stomach, there is a pH level 6 in tea, which is acidic, it will increase the acidity when drinking tea.

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Effects of tea on the body
The British scientist researched the matter and upon examination with an infrared thermometer, found that drinking cold drinks on a hot day reduces the body temperature by 0.5 degrees, but if you drink ice tea within 9 minutes, the temperature is 0.8 degrees. Reduces to. If you drink hot tea here, the body temperature decreases by 1-2 degrees. That is, the body cools down more quickly with hot tea. One reason for this is that while drinking tea in the mouth, a lot of salivae is made.

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Disadvantages of hot tea
People who drink very hot tea can have a lot from the minor problem of food pipe to cancer of food pipe. Experts say that if drinking too much hot tea, there is damage to blood cells. This may cause bleeding from the nose or other problems in the body. If someone is bleeding from the nose, then he should avoid drinking anything hot for the next 24 hours anyway. If someone has a habit of drinking very hot tea, then he should drink the tea after cooling it a little.

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