There are many changes in the body after waxing, such damage to the hair

Jul 17 2019 09:11 PM
There are many changes in the body after waxing, such damage to the hair

Waxing can never be painless, but the disadvantage of waxing is not so much. Waxing makes your skin look beautiful, but it also makes you feel like you're having trouble. Today we're going to tell you about how the body changes after waxing.

Waxing leads to small lesions: When your hair is pulled from the roots, small lesions are formed. Since the hair is firmly attached to its roots, and when the hair is uprooted from the roots, small lesions occur below the surface of your hair.

Waxing increases the risk of infection: When hair is removed from sensitive parts like your pubic area, the risk of skin cuts can increase, causing bacteria to penetrate them and cause infections.

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Waxing damages hair bulbs: Stretching from the roots during waxing can cause damage to hair bulbs. Waxing at an early age can make your hair grow more well with aging.

Waxing burns your skin: However professionals won't apply too much hot waxes to protect your skin from burning. Sometimes you may feel a sensation on your skin. You may feel more irritation on your skin if you use retinoid yux an anti-aging or anti-pimple cream.

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