Bodybuilding supplement may possess a negative impact on brain

Feb 11 2019 09:10 PM
Bodybuilding supplement may possess a negative impact on brain

People often take the Bodybuilding supplements to get an attractive body shape but as per the study it can possess a negative impact on your health. In recent years, the popularity of dietary supplements to enhance body strength and muscle performance has meant that many now contain lots of unusual amino acids that can do harm. According to a recent study, people taking the protein supplement L-norvaline should be aware of its potential for harm. L-norvaline is an ingredient widely used in bodybuilding supplements and is promoted as a compound that can boost workouts and aid recovery.

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As per the research, even at relatively low concentrations, the amino acid L-norvaline could make cells unhealthy and eventually kill them. Proteins in our diet contain amino acids that are released in our gut and then used by our bodies to build new proteins. L-norvaline is one of the hundreds of amino acids that are not normally used to make proteins in humans.

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According to a researchers,  "Protein requirements are higher in very active individuals and proteins are considered to improve and increase performance. The demand for amino acids in supplements has expanded but in addition to the normal protein-building amino acids other 'non-protein' amino acids are being taken. They also suggest that some non-protein amino acids are toxic because they can mimic protein amino acids and deceive the body into making faulty proteins; a property used by some plants to kill predators.


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