'Bollywood is responsible for conversions...', why did IAS Niyaz Khan say this?

Bhopal: Niyaz Khan, an IAS officer of Madhya Pradesh cadre, on Thursday said Bollywood is responsible for religious conversions and that is where it started. Niyaz Khan has also advised Muslims to adopt vegetarianism and become cow protectors. After Niyaz Khan's tweet went viral, he has now explained his point in detail. In a discussion with the media, Niyaz Khan has given his side on many issues including conversion.

Niyaz Khan said, "Conversion is not right. Conversion started with Bollywood, where big film stars converted Hindus to Islam, it is happening even today. Conversion is wrong because we consider one religion above the rest and ask another religion to adopt it, thinking that others are small. In fact, it is very wrong. Our country is democratic and all religions are equal here. How can we say that someone accepts my religion after marriage? Both should follow their religion. If they love Agra so much then both should follow their religion. I agree that conversion is not right." 

When asked if Bollywood is responsible for this, Niyaz Khan said, "100 percent Bollywood is responsible. Bollywood is a role model in our country, people consider film stars like god. People imitate western culture, films show nudity and vulgarity scenes which are destroying our culture and the younger generation." He said Bollywood should not imitate Hollywood and promote the spirit of patriotism. "Therefore, Bollywood needs to be tightened to act as a guiding force like a sadhu or a sanyasi," Khan said.

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