Booking of Citroen C3 Aircross Automatic started, delivery from next month!
Booking of Citroen C3 Aircross Automatic started, delivery from next month!

Car enthusiasts, rejoice! The much-anticipated Citroen C3 Aircross Automatic is ready to hit the roads, and the booking doors have swung wide open. With deliveries slated to commence next month, gear up for an automotive experience like never before.

Seamless Booking Process

Eager customers can now secure their Citroen C3 Aircross Automatic by diving into the hassle-free booking process. The simplicity of the procedure ensures that enthusiasts can swiftly claim their spot in the driver's seat.

How to Book

  1. Visit the Official Website: Head over to the Citroen official website to initiate the booking process.

  2. Authorized Dealerships: Alternatively, visit authorized Citroen dealerships near you to book your C3 Aircross Automatic.

  3. Online Platforms: Stay tuned to various online platforms for exclusive booking offers and discounts.

Anticipated Features

The Citroen C3 Aircross Automatic boasts an array of features that make it a standout in its segment. Let's dive into what makes this vehicle a must-have:

1. Effortless Driving with Automatic Transmission

Experience the convenience of an automatic transmission that takes your driving experience to a whole new level. Say goodbye to manual gear shifts and embrace the smoothness of an automatic drive.

2. Spacious and Comfortable Interiors

The C3 Aircross Automatic is not just about performance; it's also about comfort. The spacious interiors provide ample room for both driver and passengers, making every journey a pleasure.

3. Cutting-Edge Safety Features

Safety takes the front seat with advanced safety features, including adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, and lane-keeping assist. Drive with confidence knowing that your safety is a top priority.

Delivery Schedule

The anticipation builds as Citroen gears up to roll out the C3 Aircross Automatic to its eagerly waiting customers. The delivery schedule is set to commence from the upcoming month, promising a prompt and exciting handover.

Exclusive Launch Offers

To add to the excitement, Citroen is unveiling exclusive launch offers for early bird customers. Avail yourself of these limited-time promotions to make your Citroen C3 Aircross Automatic purchase even more delightful.

What's Included

  • Special Discounts: Enjoy attractive discounts for the initial batch of bookings.

  • Complimentary Accessories: Some lucky customers may receive complimentary accessories to enhance their driving experience.

Stay Connected for Updates

Stay connected with Citroen's official channels for the latest updates, sneak peeks, and behind-the-scenes glimpses as the C3 Aircross Automatic journey unfolds. Join the community of enthusiasts eagerly awaiting this automotive marvel. The booking window for the Citroen C3 Aircross Automatic is now wide open, and the countdown to delivery has begun. Seize the opportunity to be one of the first to experience the seamless blend of style, comfort, and performance that defines the C3 Aircross Automatic. Buckle up for a ride like no other!

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