Include these things in your diet to fight coronavirus

Outbreak of coronavirus is spreading very fast. Many cities have been lockeddown to fight Covid 19. It is very important to follow the instructions to work from home, not to go to public places. The big question is, what to eat, what not to eat to keep yourself healthy while at home? What are the things to increase your immunity and how to prevent colds and fever from coming closer?

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If you have started working from home or have isolated yourself at home to prevent infection of corona, then use this time properly. By regularizing the routine and diet, not only can you reduce the risk of corona infection, but it is also possible to keep distance from diseases by increasing immunity. Know what the diet and nutritionist Dr. Ishi Khosla says.

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What to do to combat the virus

Include fruits and vegetables prominently in your diet.

Digestion and immunity are directly related. Eat light food.
Use basil, Giloy, Amla, turmeric. Use Neem. Tulsi tea is beneficial.

Eat good fats. Desi Ghee is very good for immunity. You can also take a little more during this time. Consumption of coconut oil is also beneficial.

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Nutrients like vitamin D, B12, zinc, iron, selenium are important for health. These will increase immunity. Vitamin B12 is found in abundance in milk products, while green leafy vegetables, beans and dried fruits should be consumed for minerals like zinc, iron and selenium.

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