Gourd juice is the best for Type 2 Diabetes

Sep 11 2019 03:48 PM
Gourd juice is the best for Type 2 Diabetes

Let me tell you, there are two types of diabetes - type 1 and type 2. In this, you have to take care of yourself so that the disease does not increase further. The biggest problem for diabetic patients is that whatever they eat or drink keeps their blood sugar level under control. If you too have this disease, then you should drink juice of gourd which will cure your disease.

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Gourd does not contain carbs
Gourd or ghee is such a vegetable, which contains 90 percent water and the remaining 10 percent fiber. Also, gourd does not contain carbohydrates at all, so it is considered beneficial for diabetic patients. Eating gourd does not increase blood sugar and insulin levels are also correct.

Insulin sensitivity is low
Protein-tyrosine phosphatase 1 beta enzyme is found in the gourd which helps to reduce insulin sensitivity by increasing insulin resistance. Due to this, the level of blood sugar remains in control, which is very important for patients of diabetes.

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Make juice at home instead of bottled juice
Diabetic patients drink gourd juice on empty stomach every morning, in addition to diabetes, heart-related diseases and high BP will help to overcome the problem. However, take gourd juice in a natural way, ie fresh food is better than bottled juice or powder in the market. If you do not like juice, you can also eat gourd as a vegetable.

The advantages
Calorie in the gourd is low, fiber is high due to which you do not feel hungry for a long time. Drinking gourd juice does not cause constipation and keeps the stomach clean. Gourd juice also helps in eliminating urinary problems because it has the ability to correct sodium levels and it helps in correcting infection related to urine.

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