'Love Jihad' shown in 'Toofaan' trailer, #BoycottToofaan trending on Twitter

Farhan Akhtar's film is releasing on Amazon Prime on July 16 and the film is titled 'Toofaan.' The film stars Farhan Akhtar as the lead actor and Mrinal Thakur will be seen as an actress. Farhan Akhtar will be seen as a boxer in the film and his name will be Aziz Ali! Actress Mrinal Thakur will be seen as Aziz Ali's girlfriend and wife in the same film but his character is called Pooja Shah. The names have been revealed in the trailer of the film and since they came out, there has been talking about 'love jihad.'



The film shows love jihad. It is not us but people who are saying this and now there is a trend on Twitter #BoycottToofaan. Yes, #BoycottToofaan is trending fast at the moment and people are constantly tweeting about it. People say that love jihad is shown in the film, though it will be known only after the release of the film whether it is so or not. Well on Twitter you can see #BoycottToofaan trending for the time being.



One user has even written - '#BoycottToofaanlove jihad is Bollywood's target to Hindus!? So many films! Is not systematically targeting Hindus? #BoycottBollywood' is what one user wrote: 'Amir khan insults Lord Shiva. Saif Ali Khan, Salman khan insults our Sadhus? Does Farrah Akhtar promote Lovejihad? The one thing is common, i.e. defamation of Hindu culture? Be ready to #BoycottToofaanMany Hindu girls are victims of #lovejihaad because of such brainwashing. This is how people are constantly tweeting BoycottToofaan.'

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