Man Kills his lover's son as he was becoming a hurdle in his love story

Jul 02 2020 01:54 PM
Man Kills his lover's son as he was becoming a hurdle in his love story

The new case that surfaced of the crime from Aurangabad has shocked everyone. Police in Aurangabad, Bihar has recently disclosed the Suraj murder case. Police have also caught both the killers involved in this murder. It is reported that while talking about the matter, SDPO Anoop Kumar said, "Sooraj was killed in a love affair and the one who murdered him was his mother's lover Kapil Paswan." In this case, he said that, because the Suraj was becoming an obstacle in the way of their love, Kapil killed him.

15-year-old Sooraj did not like Kapil coming home again and again. Suraj had also protested several times about this matter. Seeing his opposition, Kapil thought it appropriate to remove him from the way. Police say that after that Kapil with the help of his brother-in-law Sunil Paswan and killed Suraj by strangulation on 12 June. After the murder, both of them threw the dead body. In this case, when the police inspected the case, they got a voter ID card.

While the investigation started on the basis of the ID card, all the secrets started to open. In the end, the truth came out that Suraj's father used to live outside with his work and in such a situation, his wife made physical relationships with the young man Kapil. Suraj did not like this thing and that is why he was killed. Now the police have sent both the accused to jail in this case.

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