BrahMos Hypersonic Missile could be developed in 2027 or 2028
BrahMos Hypersonic Missile could be developed in 2027 or 2028

Moscow: The ramjet-powered supersonic cruise missile called BrahMos can be fired from submarines, ships, aircraft or land. The Philippines signed a contract to buy anti-ship missiles for its armed forces, marking a significant victory for the India-Russia venture this year.

According to co-director Alexander Maksichev, the joint Russian-Indian company BrahMos Aerospace may produce hypersonic missiles in 2027 or 2028.

The current version of the missile travels at a speed of Mach 2.8 to 3.0; The hypersonic version would reach speeds in excess of Mach 7 (seven times the speed of sound).

For BrahMos to reach Mach 5, scientists need to make only minor adjustments; However, to reach hypersonic speed, the engine would have to be changed.

Maksichev said the portfolio of missile orders from joint Russian-Indian company BrahMos Aerospace is about $6.5 billion.

The trade signed its first $375 million export contract this year to supply missiles to the Philippines, according to the co-director.

According to the co-director of BrahMos Aerospace, the first BrahMos supersonic cruise missile shipment to the Philippines will begin in 2023.

The $375 million deal for the sale of BrahMos missiles to the Philippines was signed in January and is BrahMos Aerospace's first export contract.

He claimed that the missiles would be used to arm all the largest, most battle-ready, and well-armed ships (cruisers, destroyers and frigates) of the Indian Navy.

According to a representative of BrahMos Aerospace, 45 Philippine military officers have already received training in India under export contracts.

Along with Russian research institutes, scientists from India's Defense Research and Development Organisation, Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru are developing technology to build an improved BrahMos missile.

Since its inception in 1998, the joint Russian-Indian venture has focused on developing a hypersonic version of the missile for use on land, sea and air platforms.

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