Brazil to buy five million doses of Russian Corona vaccine 'Sputnik-V'
Brazil to buy five million doses of Russian Corona vaccine 'Sputnik-V'

Tokyo: Brazil officials say the state of Bahia has signed an agreement for the third phase trial of the Russian vaccine Sputnik-V. Under this contract, Brazil will buy 5 million doses of the Russian vaccine to prevent the corona pandemic. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the World Health Organization (WHO) needed $ 35 billion more to develop, treat and investigate the vaccine in fighting the corona pandemic.

It is noteworthy that the coronavirus infection started spreading from Wuhan city of China in early December. After this, it gradually spread throughout the world. The WHO declared the infection a global pandemic on March 11, 2020. At the moment, more than 210 countries of the world are reporting COVID19 cases daily. The cases of coronavirus are continuously spreading rapidly throughout the world.

In France, 10,000 new cases of Covid-19 have been registered on Thursday. This figure is the highest ever in a day. The lockdown was once again imposed in a cabinet meeting a day earlier to regain control of the Pandemic caused by coronavirus. Australian leaders have supported the regional lockdown and the decision to close internal borders. A church and political rally in South Korea has led to a spike in infection cases.

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