Breaking! Fire Erupts Humsafar Express train in Gujarat’s Valsad
Breaking! Fire Erupts Humsafar Express train in Gujarat’s Valsad

GUJRAT: In a startling incident, a fire ignited on the Humsafar Express train, nestled in the heart of Gujarat's Valsad this past Saturday. Remarkably, all passengers on board were successfully evacuated, and no injuries have been reported thus far. This alarming event unfolded on the Tiruchchirappalli – Shri Ganganagar Humsafar Express, in close proximity to Valsad station.

Numerous individuals promptly disseminated videos and photographs capturing the chaotic scene via the social media platform "X." In one of the viral videos, an ominous plume of smoke billowed from the Humsafar Express' carriages, forming a dense shroud that attracted a considerable crowd of onlookers.

As of now, the root cause of the conflagration remains shrouded in mystery, prompting an ongoing and determined effort by officials to quell the flames and restore order.

It is worth noting that this incident bears resemblance to a similar tragedy that occurred last month when a fire engulfed a train bound for Rameswaram at the Madurai railway station in Tamil Nadu, resulting in the tragic loss of nine lives on August 26th.

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