Tragic Road Accident Claims Lives, Including Ex-BJP Corporator, in Nashik
Tragic Road Accident Claims Lives, Including Ex-BJP Corporator, in Nashik

NASHIK: In a tragic incident on the Mumbai-Agra highway, four lives were tragically lost, including former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) corporator Kiran Ahir Rao and his companions. This heart-wrenching accident unfolded in Maharashtra's Nashik district, where the Mumbai-Agra highway, also recognized as the Chandwad Highway, bore witness to the devastating collision.

The unfortunate mishap occurred when a Maruti Suzuki Swift car, carrying four occupants, including a driver, was en route to Dhule. Tragedy struck when their vehicle collided with a massive container on this bustling highway, resulting in a catastrophic accident.

Following this horrific ordeal, a substantial traffic jam paralyzed the highway, necessitating the intervention of the Maharashtra police and a team from the Soma Tollways company to restore normalcy. Both the ill-fated car and the container involved in the incident were swiftly placed under the custody of law enforcement.

The vehicular collision had such a severe impact that the car was left in ruins, bearing testimony to the magnitude of the tragedy that unfolded.

A police officer provided insight into the grim aftermath, stating, "The bodies of all the deceased have been transported to a government hospital for post-mortem examinations. Once the necessary procedures are completed, the bodies will be returned to their grieving families."

Eyewitnesses at the scene described a harrowing sight—a speeding car colliding head-on with a container traveling on the wrong side of the road. Despite courageous attempts by passersby to rescue the victims, their efforts proved futile. Law enforcement swiftly arrived, extricating the victims from the mangled wreckage, but it was too late—all four had tragically lost their lives. A bystander expressed their sorrow, remarking, "It was a profoundly unfortunate incident."

This tragic incident on the Mumbai-Agra highway serves as a grim reminder of the unpredictable dangers that can lurk on the roads. Meanwhile, in a separate, equally heart-rending incident on the Jaipur-Agra Highway, 11 individuals from Gujarat lost their lives, with 15 others sustaining injuries when a trailer collided with a bus headed for Uttar Pradesh's Mathura in Bharatpur's Hantra area.

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