Tragedy Strikes: Family of Eight Swept Away in Madhya Pradesh's Jhabua
Tragedy Strikes: Family of Eight Swept Away in Madhya Pradesh's Jhabua

BHOPAL: In the heart of Madhya Pradesh, tragedy struck as a family of eight faced a calamitous fate in the rugged terrain of Jhabua district. The unforgiving collapse of a water reservoir embankment, exacerbated by relentless heavy rainfall, became a harrowing event on a fateful Saturday night. Astonishingly, despite the ongoing evacuation efforts and flood warnings, the ill-fated victims chose not to relocate to safer environs.

The members of this grief-stricken family have been identified as Nahatiya Damor, 32, his mother Punibai, 55, aunt Punki Hakariya, 50, wife Humli Bai, 30, along with their innocent children Lakhshmi, 6, and Diwan, 8, and two toddlers aged 2 and 1. As of Sunday evening, the lifeless bodies of Nahatiya, Humli, and Lakshmi had been discovered, serving as grim reminders of the tragedy that befell them.

Guma, a resident from the same village, recounted the heart-wrenching discovery: "I stumbled upon one of the bodies entangled in a tree near the downhill primary school and immediately alerted the authorities. It's a truly heartbreaking sight." The force of the water had obliterated seven houses entirely in its path of destruction.

This calamity unfolded in the serene hamlet of Bahadur Pada, nestled within the Thandla region, approximately 40 kilometers away from the district headquarters of Jhabua, near the Rajasthan border. Torrential rains persisted for over three days, prompting local authorities to initiate the evacuation of residents residing in flood-prone areas.

Tanvi Hooda, the Jhabua collector, expressed that several residents, including a sibling of one of the victims, who dwelled in eight houses situated below the ill-fated pond, had heeded the administration's warning and relocated to safer grounds. "They were aware of the impending danger, given that others had already left the village, yet they chose to remain for reasons unknown," Hooda lamented.

SP Agam Jain described the dire situation, saying, "Due to the heavy rainfall, all the streams in the area swelled, isolating the village." Efforts were made to convey the urgency of the situation to families through anganwadi workers and kotwaras, urging them to relocate to higher and safer locations. Regrettably, only this family defied the warnings.

Late on that ominous Saturday night, the pond's walls gave way, unleashing a deluge of water that rushed downhill with an intensity likened to an express train, according to some villagers who had sought refuge in elevated areas. Villager Sougan recalled how they were jolted awake by the sound of rushing water. "Before we could grasp the gravity of the situation, the families were swept away," he recounted, noting that the water had risen above the rooftops of houses during the initial surge.

In a desperate bid to locate the victims, the State Disaster Emergency Response Force (SDERF) and district administration braved the relentless floodwaters, only to find nothing but devastation. The sheer force of the water had even caused an SUV to stand almost upright. The once familiar locations of houses had become unrecognizable under the deluge's fury.

Despite the blinding rain and the relentless rise of floodwaters, rescue teams continue their relentless search for survivors. Meanwhile, Bharat and his family, residing perilously close to the disaster site, miraculously managed to escape unscathed, narrowly avoiding the surging flood. Their story stands in stark contrast to the tragedy that unfolded just steps away.

Bharat recounted the horrifying moment, saying, "We were all asleep when we suddenly heard screams and the thunderous roar of rushing water. We realized that the pond had breached its banks. Seven members of Nahatiya's family, along with a visitor, were swept away. Vehicles and livestock belonging to those who had evacuated their homes earlier were also carried away." The devastation was all-encompassing, wiping out their crops, livestock, household possessions, and livelihoods.

"The ones who were fortunate enough to be rescued earlier now find themselves with nothing to eat and nowhere to return to," Bharat lamented. He also noted that half-a-dozen motorcycles, an SUV, and a jeep were among the possessions lost to the merciless torrent.

This tragedy underscores the unpredictable and unforgiving nature of nature, leaving a once-peaceful village in mourning and despair as it grapples with the overwhelming loss of life and property.

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