Bride gets angry as groom wears varmala, video goes viral

Nowadays a variety of videos go viral on social media. Now even at this time a video is going viral fast which you can see. The video is from a wedding that is currently part of the discussions. You can see in this video a groom suddenly gets angry when he wears a varmala to his bride and throws varmala and leaves the stage. Let us explain what happens next. Tell you that this video which is currently going viral on social media was shared by a user on Instagram.


A post shared by Bhutni_ke (@bhutni_ke_memes)

You can see a stage of marriage in this video. It has a wedding ceremony going on. At the same time, the bride has garlanded the groom and then it is the groom's turn. As soon as she puts a garland around the bride's neck, she gets angry and stands up. You can see she removes Varmala and throws it off the stage. Everyone on stage is stunned to see the bride's anger. At the same time, not everyone present understands what happened to the bride.

During this time, the groom is accompanied by trouble on the faces of his relatives. However, in the meantime, the girl comes back on stage laughing. It was then that it turns out that the bride was pranking the boy, not reality. The one who is currently watching the video is having fun and is laughing and returning.

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