Gym right after the wedding? Here's the look you gotta spot.

Aug 23 2018 09:01 PM
Gym right after the wedding? Here's the look you gotta spot.

Drapped in a beautiful  lehenga, enters a beautiful lady, dressed in red, studded with jeweleries from head to toe. Isn’t that the image that comes to our mind, as soon as we think of a bride.

Well, wedding is definitely a big day for every woman  but there are some that try to perfectly fit into the image, while seldom do you find brides who tend to break the norm.


Talking of a recent incident, I was scrolling down my facebook timeline, when I came across a meme. The meme mocked a Couple who posed for their wedding picture. Now, you may question, what was so funny about it?

Well, the Bride in the picture looked a perfect one from head to waist.

Why not till toe? You may ask.

Well, below her waist, surprised me. She wore her Nike gym shorts under her Choli.


Even I was.  Amazed at the picture, I tried to check the authenticity of the picture and concluded that the picture wasn’t fake at all. There was actually this utterly bold bride to chose break the stereotypes on her wedding day.

Here are certain memes, that will make you go ROFL.

However, I must admitt, I felt super impressed and was completely taken over by the thought.

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