British PM's top advisor breaks lockdown, opposition attacks Johnson

May 23 2020 04:52 PM
British PM's top advisor breaks lockdown, opposition attacks Johnson

London: Dominic Cummings, one of the top advisers to UK PM Boris Johnson, has been accused of violating the ongoing lockdown against the Coronavirus. It is alleged that Dominic Cummings traveled hundreds of miles from London to County Durham during the lockdown when symptoms of the coronavirus were found.

On giving information, a close source has told that Cummings and his wife went to his parents' house to quarantine themselves. After this high-profile case came to light, the main opposition Labor Party demanded an immediate response from Boris Johnson regarding Cummings, saying that he considered himself above the law. The Liberal Democrats have expressed the possibility of resignation in this case.

According to a spokesperson, if this is true, then the Chief Advisor of PM has broken the rules of lockdown. The government's guideline was clear, stay home and don't travel unnecessarily. The British public will not tolerate that one rule be for them and the other rule for Dominic Cummings. However, a response has been sought from the Johnson government regarding the matter.

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