Britain begins trial of new corona vaccine, 300 people to be tested
Britain begins trial of new corona vaccine, 300 people to be tested

London: The outbreak of the Coronavirus is traumatizing the whole world. Scientists and researchers from many countries of the world are busy in making the corona vaccine and medicine. Meanwhile, scientists at Imperial College London will begin immunizing people in the UK this week with an experimental vaccine for the coronavirus. This is a new effort in the race to find effective vaccines to prevent the global epidemic.

The British government said in a statement on Monday that about 300 healthy people would be immunized with two doses of a possible vaccine for the coronavirus developed in Imperial. To develop this vaccine, the government has provided an amount of Rs 387.88 million ($ 5.1 million). Developed at Imperial College London, this potential vaccine has so far only been tested in animals and labs, where it has produced antibodies at levels higher than those typically seen in an infected person. Many scientists have cautioned that this global pandemic can only be prevented with effective vaccines that can normally take several years to develop.

Robin Shattock, who is leading the vaccine research, said, "In the long term, a viable vaccine would be the key to saving the most vulnerable people, which would ease restrictions and help people return to normal life."

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