This couple named their baby 'Pakora,' buzz on social media
This couple named their baby 'Pakora,' buzz on social media

People think of the best names to name their children. In such a situation, all of you must have heard the name of children in the name of an older person, famous place, or deity, although have you seen or heard of any parent naming their child after something to eat? Maybe not, though it's happened recently. In fact, a British parent has done such a feat and discussions of this feat are happening everywhere. In fact, they have named their child Pakora. You all know that people in India enjoy pakoras as snacks. However, British parents have named their child Pakora because they love it.

Let us tell you that this news has spread rapidly on social media and people have started commenting on various types. Captain Table, a famous restaurant in Newtownbay, Ireland, has shared a picture of the child with Bill. In fact, this restaurant told through Facebook that this British couple comes to their place very often. They have now named their newborn after a dish served at this restaurant. "If you are wondering what dish it is, it is nothing but 'pakoras'. The same 'pakoras' that we enjoy with tea in the monsoon!"

Let us tell you that the restaurant shared a picture of the newborn and wrote, ''Welcome to the world Pakora! We can't wait to meet you!" Yes, the owner of the restaurant has also shared the receipt of a bill. There were names of some dishes in it, including 'pakoras'! At present, people are discussing a lot about this on social media.

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