Brexit: British PM Boris Johnson promises Brexit on 31 October 'under any circumstances'

London: The UK continues to have a musical chair for Brexit. Boris Johnson, who became the new Prime Minister of Britain after Theresa, has also claimed Brexit. Johnson said the UK would be separated from the European Union by 31 October. He said he would not ask the EU to extend the time for Brexit.

Posting a video on his official Twitter handle on Thursday, the PM said, "I am convinced that we will, under any circumstances, break away from the European Union by 31 October so that our country can progress." Said that he has been in talks for a new deal for the last five weeks. According to the British PM, EU leaders are willing to talk on the deal because they know whether the deal is there or not, we will be separated from that block by 31 October.

Earlier on Wednesday, Johnson proposed dissolving the parliament and holding elections on October 15, which was rejected by the British MPs. The proposal of the British Prime Minister in the House of Commons could not get the support of the necessary two-thirds of the members (434). Johnson has said that he will not ask the EU to further delay Brexit. He said that he would not even resign from his post so that the October election would come.

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