British PM Boris Johnson says 'will not tolerate India and anti-Hindu sentiments'

Dec 08 2019 01:46 PM
British PM Boris Johnson says  'will not tolerate India and anti-Hindu sentiments'

London: British PM Boris Johnson has expressed concern about anti-India and anti-Hindu sentiments. Talking to the media, Johnson said clearly that he will not tolerate any kind of anti-India sentiment. At the same time, the British PM has supported India on the issue of terrorism across the border. He said that he stands firmly with India.

Along with this, he said that the government of Britain supports PM Modi's policies to create a new India. On the question asked about the visit to India, Johnson said that he will go to India as soon as possible after forming the government. It is notable that Boris Johnson has a deep relationship with India and he has visited India many times before. Johnson is also a relative of late editors and writers Khushwant Singh, Saif Ali Khan, Sara Ali Khan.

Deepa Singh, the mother of his former wife Marina Wheeler, was married to Daljit Singh, the youngest brother of Khushwant Singh. Deepa married the distinguished journalist Sir Charles Wheeler. Marina Wheeler is the child of these two. In this way Marina is half Indian. At the same time, Deepa's elder sister Amarjeet was married to Bhagwant Singh, the elder brother of Khushwant Singh. Amrita Singh, Bhagwant Singh's niece, married Saif Ali and has children Sara Ali Khan.

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