British scientists announce, 'Covid vaccine will have 12 weeks gap between two doses
British scientists announce, 'Covid vaccine will have 12 weeks gap between two doses"

The initial advice of the British government scientists to give the second dose of the vaccine within 21 days has been revised. These scientists have now talked about the difference between the second dose after the first dose of the vaccine to be 12 weeks. According to media reports, the British government's move is aimed at giving at least the first dose of the Covid vaccine to more and more people. The new suggestion of British scientists has given birth to a new debate as to how much difference should be kept between the two doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

Different arguments and suggestions: WHO has issued a suggestion to have a 4-week gap between 2 doses of coronavirus vaccine. As the World Health Organization believes, this gap can be increased to six weeks only in exceptional circumstances. But the UK's joint committee on vaccination and immunization says that unpublished data shows that it is effective against corona infections even if a 12-week gap between two doses of Oxford-AstraZeneca's vaccine is maintained.

Debate about the impact of the vaccine: According to information received, US pharmaceutical company Pfizer has said that it had tested the impact capacity of its vaccine by a gap of 21 days between two doses. If the gap is increased, questions about the impact of the vaccine are raised. It is said that two coronavirus vaccines are being vaccinated to the people of priority groups in the UK. One of them is the Vaccine Pfizer Bioentech while the other is Oxford/AstraZeneca.

The British Medical Association said: "The new policy should be reviewed: It has been revealed that the case can be increased by a maximum of 12 weeks, faster than a maximum of 12 weeks, and a large number of people can be charged with Covid vaccine. The plea behind this is that giving more people the first dose can at least provide immediate protection against the coronavirus to some extent. That's where the British Medical Association has asked Prof. Whitti has written a letter stating that he agrees that people should be vaccinated at the earliest but a review of the new policy is necessary.

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