Broomstick Bravery: Haryana Woman Chases Gun-Wielding Miscreants!
Broomstick Bravery: Haryana Woman Chases Gun-Wielding Miscreants!

Chandigarh: In a display of exceptional courage, a woman in Haryana confronted miscreants who opened fire at a man, Harikishan, in Bhiwani district. The entire incident was captured on a CCTV camera, and the footage has since gone viral on social media. Despite the dangerous situation, the woman, armed with a broomstick, fearlessly chased the miscreants, prompting them to flee the scene.

Netizens have been quick to applaud the woman's bravery, with comments such as "Salute the bravery of the lady who could face them with a broomstick" and "That lady has got fire inside. That’s Haryanvi women."


The shooting incident appears to be linked to an old enmity, with Harikishan being accused in the murder case of a gym trainer named Ravi from Bhiwani. Harikishan, currently out on bail, was targeted by four miscreants on motorcycles armed with weapons. Despite being hit by a bullet, Harikishan managed to escape into his house.

Law enforcement is actively investigating the incident, with multiple teams from the Bhiwani Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) and the city police station in pursuit of the assailants. The victim, Harikishan, is receiving medical treatment for the gunshot wound, and the police have recovered bullet shells from the scene.

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