Ayush Sharma's big statement on 'Antim' film about working with Salman...
Ayush Sharma's big statement on 'Antim' film about working with Salman...

Bollywood film actor Ayush Sharma is all set to appear in Salman Khan's movie Antim: The Final Truth. The two brothers-in-law are going to share the screen together for the first time. But did you know that Ayush didn't want Salman to work with him in this movie earlier? In fact, Ayush thought that working with Salman and him could lead to a debate on nepotism. Ayush said in an interview, 'I was very nervous about the making process of this movie knowing that Salman is also working in this movie. It had many points, including that we belonged to a family. He is making a film to help me in my career. At the same time, the issue of nepotism can also come from here.'

At the same time, Ayush said, 'I was against the idea of Salman Bhai being in the Antim. I didn't want him to do the film and I told him that too. I also asked the entire family not to refuse Salman Bhai to do this movie. All this is also because I am going to do a very different job from the Loveyatri movie. I was worried about whether would be able to do a special job in the movie or not. Their being cast casts a different spell on the screen and I was upset at the fact that I would be able to show my strength in the meantime.'

Salman however explained to Ayush that he has to show his talent and his absence will not affect the movie nor his performance. Salman had said, 'Ayush you should pay full attention to your role. You have to explain to the people why you raised your hand to me in the film.' Ayush further said that it was a big challenge for me. I remember being trolled when the film was announced saying that we don't want Ayush Sharma in the movie. When I said this to Salman Khan, he said, "There will be only 5,000 such tweets and if they don't watch movies, it won't matter."

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