Bruce Lee made his name all over the world with his martial arts

Bruce Lee made his name all over the world with his martial arts

The only name that appears in our minds when the King of Hollywood's martial arts movies speaks is our 'martial arts' King Bruce Lee today is his death anniversary. Yes, bruce lee is remembered on the world film screen as a personality who gave martial arts a special identity all over the world through his movies. Bruce Lee's original name was Lee Muyenne Keam and he was born on November 27, 1940, in San Francisco, USA.

When he was just one year old, his family moved from the United States to Hong Kong, where Bruce Lee started working as a child artist. By the age of 18, Bruce Lee acted in about 20 films as a child artiste. Then, with the goal of better education, Bruce Lee moved to the United States and started completing his philosophy at the University of Washington. In his childhood, Bruce Lee also studied martial arts called Bhavagchun in Hong Kong. While in the US, he continued his martial arts education. Later, adding some new style to it, Bruce Lee created a new version of martial arts, popularly known as 'Jeet Kune Do.'

At the same time, Bruce Lee began to present his martial arts among individuals for his living in the United States, which became very popular among fans. In 1964, Bruce Lee married a young woman named Bhalla. Influenced by Bruce Lee's martial arts in the late sixties, stars like Steve McQueen and James Carbon of Hong Kong appointed him their trainer. This also led to Bruce Lee turning to the film and the small screen. This led him to play small characters in many television serials and films.

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