BTS’ Jungkook transforms into a handsome vampire for upcoming pictorial project

Me, Myself and Jungkook 'Time Difference' Special 8 Photo-Folio, a brand-new concept video for BTS's Jungkook's upcoming project, was released by BigHit MUSIC on August 17 and the images are stunning! Jungkook delicately mimics a vampire in vintage clothing while adding additional elements to the video's texture, such as fire.

On BTS' official social media accounts, an image of "Coming Soon" with a distinct ambience had previously been posted. With pale skin and red eyes, Jungkook is seen in the picture glaring at the camera. Innovative graphics that have never been displayed before are arresting. From the planning stage to the concept, wardrobe, and props, Jungkook took part in all aspects of the photographic work for this project.

The new project's first runner, Jungkook, will reveal pictorials first, followed by each member in turn. Before the release of Jungkook's pictorial, mood teasers, concept films, sample photographs, etc. will be made available. In other news, ‘Bad Decisions’ with BTS’ Jin, Jimin, V, Jungkook, Benny Blanco and Snoop Dogg reached number 10 on the Hot 100.

Billboard claims that BTS is the first Korean act to have more than ten songs listed in the top ten of the "Hot 100" chart. On the charts for "Digital Song Sales," "Billboard Global 200," and "Billboard Global (outside the United States)," "Bad Decisions" debuted and quickly topped the list. The light dance song "Bad Decisions," performed live by BTS members Jin, Jimin, V, Jungkook, Benny Blanco, and Snoop Dogg, expresses genuine feelings for a loved one. This year saw the debut of a song by Benny Blanco, which will appear on his future regular album.

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