BTS's Jungkook removes all his photos from social media

The BTS band has become famous all over the world today. This K-Pop band has created a stir in the world's music worldwide. In a very short span of time, the BTS band has made a name for itself all over the world. BTS is also known as the Bangton Boy. This band is a group of 7 members. There are 4 singers - Jin, Jimin, V and Jungkuk. Among the 3 rappers are Suga, Jay Hope and rap monsters. Meanwhile, a BTS member, Jungkuk, surprised everyone by deleting all the photos from his official Instagram. However, the Korean star has again shared the post on Instagram in aesthetic manner.

BTS's Jungkook deletes the post: The K-Pop star has also surprised her fans by deleting all the posts from her verified Instagram account. However, after a day, Jungkuk has shared extremely beautiful pictures again on his social media. While posting the photos, JK also hinted that he is going to delete these photos again soon. JK deleted all the photos as he said. Shortly after that, he posted the photos in a very different pattern.


What the Korean star said on deleting the post: Reports say that ''s pop star Jungkuk has said after deleting all the photos from his Instagram that but there was nothing strange in it. Just because of the change in the views, he has deleted these photos from Instagram. He has said during a live chat, "There was no reason to delete my Instagram post. The photos were not deleted because something happened to me. I just don't like it looking. He has told his fans that talking to you through the post is a really great thing for me. All these (posts) are in my heart. Not only that, Jungkuk has said that he did not know that he could archive the post on the photo-sharing app. Now that he came to know about it, he regrets deleting his photos.


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