Bucket List: Get the best of your College Life

College life is one of the most anticipated out of all, it is the perfect time to gain some experiences considering it is the time when you get into adulthood and if you have strict parents, then this is the time you will also start getting some freedom. Your college life will bring some new friends, it will be difficult yet full of fun, and it will be rewarding yet challenging. Take some timeout and list down the things you wish to do in the next years, be worried about your future but also about having fun, and be carefree for a moment. 

Rent a house with friends: There is nothing more fun than living with your friends, cooking together, talking till late at night, making last-minute plans and going out together. It will be less worrisome financially, and more fun together. 

Crash a Party: Enjoy your youth while you are living it. Go to a party you are not invited to and have fun while breaking the rules a little bit. It will thrilling and a memorable moment at the same time. 

A Karaoke Night: Karaoke is a fun social event that everyone should experience at least once, yet it can be a bit daunting the first time. People can sing and dance as a group or give a solo performance of their favourite songs and sometimes the audience does join in. Sometimes the audience listens but they should applaud at the end to acknowledge the effort of the person singing, out of courtesy.

Explore the neighbouring cities: College has most likely already taken you to a new city, or state, but take it one step further and explore one of your neighbouring towns. Take a day trip, or even spend the weekend, talking to strangers, museum hopping, and trying a new restaurant.

Write a Letter to Your Future Self to Open on Graduation: Writing this letter is one way to shake off any stress about college, career, and the future. Your dreams, expectations, and goals – record them all for posterity and use this letter as a motivation to achieve what you set out to do. Anyway, you would have filled numerous pages metaphorically or otherwise by the time you read the letter your former self wrote to your future self. 

Buy an Instant Camera - Remember all your favourite experiences during college by taking pictures with this retro camera. The film provides the perfect nostalgic vibe for reminiscing on great memories.

 Fall In Love: Most people would agree that college is a great place to find a life partner, and just maybe that is where you’ll find your future special someone.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone - Learn to put yourself into challenging situations and lean on your network of people who are there to help. This will pay off in the long run when you have the resilience to handle scenarios in the real world.


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