If you look for love then love will be seen in everything
If you look for love then love will be seen in everything

We are all aware that the same thing has different effects on different people in the world. In fact, many people go to the same function in the world, but if any of them likes the same event, then others see evil in it. In such a situation, if someone calls the same type of food plate very tasty, then one feels the same tasteless, that is, there is a difference in the opinions of different people about the same thing. Many times this happens due to the person's own feeling. Today we are going to tell you a beautiful story in this context which you will find inspiring.

Lord Buddha - Once Lord Buddha was addressing his devotees at some place. Ending his talk after sharing the light of knowledge among his followers, Tathagata said, "Wake up!" Time is running out. After this, he gave up his posture and crowds of people slowly started going on their way. After finishing the discourse, Buddha went to a place with his beloved disciple Anand and sat down. Shortly a prostitute came to him and bowed to him and said - Lord! I was immersed in the joy of your sermons and I had no knowledge of time. As soon as you said, wake up, time is running out, I immediately remember that today I was going to dance in a ceremony.

Now I leave immediately for that place. After some time another person came to him and said in a hurry - O Lord! I am a bandit I forgot about you in your sermons. I had to go to a place robbery and my friends would see my way, but I forgot everything. As soon as you said wake up, time is running out, I immediately remembered my work. Now I go to rob. After this, an old man came to Tathagata and sat at the feet and said - O Lord! I am a businessman. I have spent my entire life only and only earning, raising and storing wealth. Today, as soon as you said, wake up, time is running out, so I realized that I spent my whole life in wasteful works. Now I go on the path of attaining nirvana. After everyone left, Buddha smiled and said - Anand! You see, I only said one sentence, wake up, time is running out. How many people interpreted that one sentence in any number of ways. This is true of life, the mind of a person. In fact, many people go to hear the discourse, but who takes what is said in them, it depends on their own sense of mind.

If anyone really wants to attain nirvana, then one has to clear his mind. Whose mind will be clear, only he will be able to accept what the Guru has told. The person who is blank will be able to paint in the color of knowledge. To entertain the mind or to spend time, one can listen to the discourse, the essence of it will be accepted only by the one who will truly stir the mind in it. This is the truth of life, friends. The object is the same, feelings towards it will be born according to the person's own feeling. If you look with love, then love will be seen in everything. If there is fraud in your mind, then every person you know will be fraudulent. Everything is a game of your inner spirit.

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