Buffalo attacks lion in Jungle, watch video here

Jun 01 2020 08:12 PM
Buffalo attacks lion in Jungle, watch video here

A lion was ambushed. Would have thought that nobody would be watching him. But when a buffalo grazing the grass, she becomes alert. She first recognizes what is seen and then attacks. The attack is so strong that the lion appears floating in the air for a few seconds. The video of this incident is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

This shocking video has been shared by IFS Sushanta Nanda. She writes in the caption, 'Humans consider the lion the king of the jungle. But this buffalo does not give a damn who the king is. '

In the beginning of this video, you will not see a lion. Because he is waiting to ambush his prey. However, before the lion attacks, the buffalo attacks him. With the help of her horn, she lifts the lion from the ground and bounces him loudly in the air. It then escapes from there. In just 31 seconds of the video, you can see how a buffalo attacks the king of the forest.

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