Bugatti makes a world record in Germany

Bugatti Automobile has surprised the whole world. Bugatti, who holds the distinction of being the most different, made a new world record. Bugatti Chiron caught the speed of 0 to 249 MPH in 41.96 seconds in Germany, or speed of 400.727 kilometers per hour and returned to Zero. 

For this reason, this car is being discussed in the entire Auto World. The company is very excited to the success of this test. 

According to the company, Bugatti Chiron, which produces about 1500 bhp power from an 8-liter engine, is now the most impressive in the hyper cars made now.

Former Formula One star Juan Pablo Montoya in Germany's Top Secret Test track tested its performance. The company is currently engaged in the construction of 500 chyrons, 300 of which have already been booked. 

The price of this car is being mentioned above 17 crores.

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