Bungee Jumping Spots in India

Oct 13 2020 05:46 PM
Bungee Jumping Spots in India

One of the thrilling, adventurous activities is Bungee jumping. Be it the world home of Bungee at Kawarau Bridge in New Zealand or the neighboring country Nepal’s Bhote Kosi River, 160 meters people who are adrenaline junkie wanted to explore it. India also have Bungee jumping points. One need not go to New Zealand for the experience rather he/she has to visit one among the five Bungee jumping points.

  1. Rishikesh: It is the highest Bungee jumping spot in India located in Mohan Chatti Village at a height of 83m and the minimum age to attempt is 12 years.
  2. Lonavala: It is one of the best and safest bungee jumping spots in India closer to Mumbai and Pune. The point is located in Kunegaon, lonavala and the height is 45m and the minimum age limit is 10 years.
  3. Bangalore: This is the most adventurous as one has to jump from the crane unlike a platform at other places. People consider jumping from a crane is riskier. Located on St.Mark’s Road, Bangalore with a height of 25 m is suspended from a crane at a height of 40m. The minimum age is 18 years.
  4. Goa: It seems wonder if the Travel destination Goa didn’t give the tourists a Bungee jumping experience. Located on Anjuna Beach at a height of 25metres will allow people above 14 years.
  5. Jagdalpur: It has been developed as a tourist attraction along side of few other activities. Located on Jagdalpur, chattisgarh at a height of 30 meters and the minimum age to try is 14 years.

Few tips for Bungee jumping includes don’t think much before the jump, wear comfortable clothes, make sure you are health fit for bungee jumping, don’t over eat before you jump.

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