Burari Suicide Case: Shocking truth revealed

Jul 13 2018 12:59 PM
Burari Suicide Case: Shocking truth revealed
The big information has been revealed in the Burari Suicide Case. The postmortem report of elderly woman Narayani Devi has also come. Narayani Devi also committed suicide. The team believes that Narayani Devi had committed suicide at the end. Fingerprints of any of the 11 people have not been found in the trap of the Narayani Devi who committed suicide. The Delhi Police was still estimating the presence of an outsider in the house, but forensic experts denied it.
Apart from the body, clothes and fingerprints of any member other then Bhatia family has not been found on other items in the house. On July 2, the dead bodies of the whole family were taken for a post-mortem at Maulana Azad Medical College. They also mentioned the red marks found in Prinika's body and henna in his hands.
It is being reported that besides Lalit, Bhuvanesh and Tina's body, marks have been found beside Narayani Devi. According to sources, all the fingerprints received in the house are from the Bhatia family members. Even though the team's fears that elderly woman Narayani Devi has committed suicide in the end, and there the question arises. According to neighbours, Narayani Devi was not even able to walk. 
Forensic experts are still not agreeing about police theory. Of course, these people have hanged themselves, but after examining the spot, it is not an exaggeration to say that someone was instructing these people at the time of the incident. Suicide is not an easy task for a normal family in this way.
Joint Police Commissioner told that all the 11 people who die will now be given psychiatric post-mortem (Psychological autopsy). A panel of psychologists will be created for this. All members of Bhatia family after interrogation of relatives and neighbours will be diagnosed.
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