Bureaucrat much interested in astronomy.
Bureaucrat much interested in astronomy.

Mabubnahgar: He is a bureaucrat already busy with his regular duties and conducting rides on the people who violate norms and even conduct review meetings and guide his subordinates regarding various government policies but he is much interested in astronomy and trying to create awareness among children in this aspect. Apart from his regular job chat like conducting rides on Ganja peddlers, arrack manufacturers, A Sambhu Prasad, assistant commissioner of excise and prohibition of Nalgonda district in Telangana State, is participating the science seminars and programs all over the country. Even he purchased a high-end telescope from United States of America by spending Rs 5 lakhs and installed on his terrace and creating awareness among the children regarding galaxy and solar system and even on solar, lunar eclipses.

He stated, 'The appearance of total solar eclipse in 1979 at Palem, in Mabubnahgar of Telangana state is my native place, enhanced my enthusiasm towards astronomy. Since then I have developed interest in the study of Astronomy. The news of occurrence of Halley Comet in 1986, made me to think of Telescope but in those days, I could not purchase it as I was not in a position to afford it. Later, coming into service, I bought the telescope and frequently I view the galaxy with the devise.

Our elders are in superstitions and they are forcing their children to follow the same. Some won't allow their children to go out during the eclipse time and some protect the pregnant ladies from the rays. All these are blind believes and actually the rays during eclipse won't harm us but we should be cautious during solar eclipse. We should not watch the solar eclipse with naked eye and we can watch it with filmed glass or telescope.


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