By 2020, most of the deaths will be due to heart disease, This is the reason
By 2020, most of the deaths will be due to heart disease, This is the reason

The problem of heart attack in Indian youth is increasing and if the measures are not taken to stop the problem, then this can lead to dangerous consequences. The cardiologist and Max Super Specialty Hospital doctor Dr Nityanand Tripathi said in a statement issued to the sources that in India the only way to stop the epidemic of cardiovascular disease is to educate people, otherwise by 2020, most deaths will be due to cardiovascular disease.

Dr Tripathi has said that the heart attack was first related to old age. But now most people are suffering from heart diseases during the second, third, and fourth decades of age. The increasing stress of modern life has caused the risk of heart diseases among the youth. Although genetic and family history is still the most common and uncontrolled risk factor, but the cause of most cardiovascular diseases in the younger generation is due to irregular sleep pattern along with excessive stress and persistent longevity. Smoking and rested lifestyle is also increasing its risk among people aged 20 to 30 years of age.

According to the statement, more than two lakh open heart surgeries are performed in heart hospitals in the country and it is increasing by 25 percent annually. But this surgery is for immediate gain only. To prevent death due to heart disease, it is important for people to be aware of heart disease and its risk factors.

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