Do you have Cigarette smoking Addiction? by adopting these measures you can also quit

The majority of people nowadays smoke cigarettes. Cigarettes have grown fashionable in recent years. However, smoking is extremely hazardous to one's health. This is a habit that many can't seem to break. We're going to teach you about some of these home treatments today. Which can assist you in stopping your smoking habit.

1- If you want to get rid of the habit of smoking, chew celery seeds instead of smoking cigarettes. Doing this daily will gradually break your smoking habit.

2- When addicted to cigarettes, take a piece of cinnamon in your mouth and suck it. Doing so will help you quit the habit of cigarettes.

3- Honey contains a lot of vitamins, enzymes and proteins. Which help in getting rid of the habit of smoking. Eat a little honey if you want to smoke. Doing so will soon let you lose your cigarette habit.

4- Chew tulsi leaves instead of smoking cigarettes.  Chewing two or three tulsi leaves every morning and evening will break the habit of cigarettes.

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