By spotting a crocodile in the kitchen, a woman loses senses...
By spotting a crocodile in the kitchen, a woman loses senses...

There are times when there are reports that are difficult to believe. But there are many reports when wild animals enter the house and they can be any animal. But they are carried out wisely so that no one is harmed. Similarly, an alligator rammed into a house in Clear Water City, Florida, in the dark of night. After which the condition of the family members deteriorated.

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The mistress of the Florida-based home reported the incident, saying that when she heard a knocking sound in her kitchen, she felt that some belongings had fallen from the cupboard. But when she arrived in the kitchen, she couldn't believe her eyes. He said that when he saw the crocodile, he was about to get out of his chime, but he remained calm and called the police. The length of the crocodile was 11 feet.

On the spot, the police, with the help of forest department officials, pulled the crocodile out of the kitchen and left it in the forest. Photos of the incident are going viral on social media. Clear Water City's police department has shared these photos on its social media account. Sharing these photos, the police wrote on their Twitter, "The crocodile broke into the kitchen by breaking the window at night in a house of clear water."

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