Confluence of Wardha and Benganga river is known by which name?

Q:  Where is the White Tiger Safari in Madhya Pradesh?
Answer:  Mukundpur in Rewa

Question:  By what other name is Pench national park known?
Answer:  Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini National Park

Q:  When did Van Vihar Bhopal get the status of a national park?
Answer:  1979

Question:  Where is the Bori Sanctuary located in Madhya Pradesh?
Answer-  Hoshangabad

Question:  When were Chambal and Bastar divisions formed?
Answer:  1980

Question:  What is the present name of the Hoshangabad division?
Answer:  Narmadapuram

Question:  From a geological point of view, Madhya Pradesh is a part of which land?
Answer:  Gondwana Land

Question:  What kind of soil is the Plateau of Malwa made up of?
Answer:  Black soil

Question:  Which region of Madhya Pradesh is called the Plateau of Sarso?
North-  Central India Plateau

Question:  What is the percentage of the total geographical area of the state which is the plateau of Malwa?
Answer: 28 percent

Question:  Where is the observatory in Madhya Pradesh collecting weather related data?
Answer-  Indore

Question:  What is the average rainfall of Madhya Pradesh?
Answer:  112 cm

Question:  What kind of climate is found in Madhya Pradesh?

Question:  Which river causes the highest soil erosion in Madhya Pradesh?
Answer:  Chambal River

Question:  In which part of Madhya Pradesh is red-yellow soil found?
Answer-  M.P. The entire eastern part of i.e. Baghelkhand

Question: By what name is the old alluvial soil known?
Answer-  Bangar Soil

Question:  Which river is known as the Ganga of Madhya Pradesh?
North-  Betwa River

Question:  By what name is the confluence of Wardha and Benganga rivers known?
Answer:  Pranahita

Question: Which is the highest waterfall in Madhya Pradesh?
Answer:  Chachai Waterfall

Who defeated whom in the third battle of Panipat?

Where was the country's first Disabled Rehabilitation Center established?

When was the Madhya Pradesh Finance Commission constituted?

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