Cabinet Approves Extension of Rs14,903-Cr Digital India Project
Cabinet Approves Extension of Rs14,903-Cr Digital India Project

NEW DELHI: In a significant move, the Cabinet has given its nod for the extension of the Digital India project, backed by a substantial budget of Rs. 14,903 crore. This development was announced by Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw. The decision underscores the government's commitment to advancing the digital landscape of the nation.

Minister Vaishnaw emphasized that the extended phase of the Digital India initiative will seamlessly build upon the accomplishments achieved during its preceding iteration. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, presiding over the cabinet meeting, provided his approval for the continuation of the Digital India program with the substantial budgetary allocation of Rs. 14,903 crore.

The program's overarching vision involves the reskilling and upskilling of a staggering 5.25 lakh IT professionals, accompanied by comprehensive training for 2.65 lakh individuals in the field of information technology. This reiterates the government's commitment to nurturing and enhancing the country's IT talent pool.

One of the prominent highlights of the extended Digital India project is the inclusion of an additional nine supercomputers as part of the National Supercomputing Mission (NCM). With this expansion, the total count of supercomputers deployed under the NCM will reach an impressive tally of 27. The deployment of these supercomputers reflects the nation's dedication to advancing its computational capabilities and fostering scientific and technological innovation.

In the current scenario where digital transformation is shaping various sectors, the extension of the Digital India project serves as a strategic step to ensure that the nation remains at the forefront of technological progress. With the government's continued investment and commitment to digital empowerment, India is poised to experience accelerated growth in technological infrastructure and expertise.

The already-deployed 18 supercomputers under the National Supercomputing Mission underscore the nation's dedication to cutting-edge research, technological innovation, and data-driven solutions that have far-reaching implications for various industries and research endeavors.

the Cabinet's approval of the extended Digital India project, fortified by a substantial budget allocation of Rs. 14,903 crore, reaffirms the government's vision for a digitally empowered India. The project's comprehensive approach, encompassing skill development, IT training, and supercomputing advancements, reflects the nation's commitment to technological excellence and progress.

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