Can one be punished for buying uniforms like those of soldiers? Know what are the rules?
Can one be punished for buying uniforms like those of soldiers? Know what are the rules?

The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued directives to all state secretaries regarding individuals wearing military, navy, or air force uniforms or similar attire in an unauthorized manner. Under sections 140 and 171 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), action can be taken against such individuals.

Secretaries of states have been instructed by the Home Ministry to ensure that state police ascertain the intent behind wearing military attire. It is crucial to determine whether the attire is worn out of patriotism or with the intent to deceive.

According to IPC section 140, if anyone portrays themselves as part of the armed forces and wears clothing resembling that of the army, navy, or air force, legal action may be initiated against them. Apart from the President, Prime Minister, Defence Minister, officers, and soldiers, no one else is allowed to wear army attire.

Filmmakers seeking to depict army units and their attire in movies must obtain consent from the Ministry of Defence and relevant authorities before portraying such attire.

When civilians wear army attire, it does not bear any army insignia or stars. Using such symbols and stars to portray oneself as a soldier can lead to legal consequences.

Now, the question arises whether anyone can purchase army attire. According to sources, not every shopkeeper can sell army attire; they require a specific license. In society, an ordinary person cannot simply purchase attire identical to that of the army. However, displaying patriotism or dressing for a program permits wearing attire resembling that of the armed forces, provided it does not feature codes, stars, or symbols used by army personnel.

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